Hello, my name is Dime Pashoski A multiversed designer & dreamer

"Design is the art of solving problems"

Things I'm good at

I design web and mobile apps that deliver a unique user experience, seamless interaction and impressive visual and graphic design.

Past & present

During my 7 years of doing UX/UI design and development, I’ve worked with lots of clients - corporations, small businesses, NGO’s and startups.

There were all sorts of web and mobile applications, productivity, marketing and analytics tools as well as product and company websites.

My background in architectural and graphic design was a solid ground for designing company and product logos, branding and awesome visual design. Winning several awards along the way came as no surprise.

Time to shine

"The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother. Next comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use." - Nielsen Norman Group

Positive outcome with great value is undeniable when you dedicate a lot of time and heart in your work. Continue landing to unfold some of my favorite clients & projects.

Websites & webapps from start to finish

Nothing beats working in dynamic environment with ambitious clients. I can guide you through the entire process beginning from product planning through every stage of the development to going live.

Front-end development for real-time data

Coca Cola, Marriott, Gatorade, Novartis and Johnson Controls were among the clients i developed interactive UIs as part of a completely remote team.

UX for a better healtcare in Rwanda & Kenya

Building UIs is always a fulfilling experience, but it's even better when you do it for a greater cause. In retrospective these are few of my dearest projects.

New sales tools for an ISP giant

A challenging colaboration with the biggest Internet Provider in Africa, that resulted in few sales webapps that revolutionized the old-fashioned way of working with spreadsheets.

Boosting teams & projects to get stuff done

Another fun experience as a remote consultant working with the core development team at Mad Mimi. Together we built UI for the New Analytics, made the site responsive and contributed to the product branding.


A solid plan, and a way forward

Inspired by Lean and Agile methodologies, where time spent on realistic goals puts the true nature of my work at forefront. By practising Lean UX, I’m able to speed up the process by focusing on the goals instead of producing old-fashioned deliverables.

The crucial principle needed is collaboration in order to effectively match expectations and reality for my clients. By optimizing the workflow on a certain project I win time, but above all I reach goals successfully.

About me

As a person I always try to find balance between creativity and technical know-how. My main focus of work is visual design, interaction and usability of web applications. A qualified architect, with a keen eye for detail and practical solutions, but above all a perfectionist at heart and a creative thinker. An easy-going, focused and well-spoken personality always open to change.

I strive towards diversity of form in everything I do, so when I’m not professionally engaged I like to enjoy my spare time doing things that boost my creativity: travelling & cycling, nature photography, watching cult movies, listening to jazz, reading comics or playing games.



For Fun